This year’s heroes: #1 – Sweetcorn ‘F1 Earlibird’

I had never grown my own sweetcorn (like so many things) before this year – and to be honest wasn’t even sure if it would be possible to grow it during our temperamental – often outright miserable – summers.

After a little research it seemed that, actually, this was a pretty easy crop to get right.  You need a decent amount of sun to get really good results, but I apparently stood a good chance.

I bought fifty seeds from eBay and set about germinating some of them in a plastic takeaway tub using paper towels;  the rest were sown directly into multipurpose compost.  Of course, once I actually started paying attention to what I was doing I started to wonder if fifty seeds would be far too many for our small plot.

As it happened, only about thirty-five grew into viable seedlings and looking back I wouldn’t have minded giving up some space to have a few more.  I planted out into very hard, dry soil (I actually broke a trowel) during the last week of May, spaced about 12” apart in all directions.

And that was it! I gave them a few feeds with comfrey ‘tea’ whilst they were still quite small to see them through cold, dull spells, but other than that I left them to their own devices.

The results were wonderful – it really is true what people say about home-grown sweetcorn being exceptional if eaten immediately after picking.  We have about a third of a freezer full of par-boiled cobs, which it turns out are one of Amelia’s favourites, vying with fresh-from-the-pod Champion of England peas for first place.

I will definitely be growing this variety again next year and would happily recommend them to anyone else.


3 thoughts on “This year’s heroes: #1 – Sweetcorn ‘F1 Earlibird’

  1. Congrats on the corn! We’ve also (as with most things- this is our first proper season of allotmenteering too) been growing it for the first time. We got plenty cobs, but they didn’t ripen fully, I think due to them not being pollinated properly. I’ll maybe try this F1 Earlibird next year.

  2. I’ll be going back to them next year. I’ve heard a lot of praise for Swift, amongst others, but I don’t want to mess with a winning formula – they were such a pleasant surprise this year.

    Thanks for the comment – I’m just on my way to check out your blog!

    I need to find a way to display blogs I follow on here, but also including Blogger and other platforms.

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