This year’s heroes: #2 – Onion ‘Stuttgarter’

My onion sets shouldn’t have been much use really – they were both cheap and planted pretty late in the year (for onions).   They were stuck in the ground mostly because I had cleared a few areas of the fledgling allotment and was keen to get something planted.  It turns out that the sets I picked up are one of the strongest things known to man or beast.

Once we had a free bit of space on the allotment Danielle went ‘round with around 200 onion sets from Poundland and Wilkinsons – both were labelled as ‘Stuttgarter’ – a variety marketed as “sweet and mild, ideal for salads.”  No way.

Whilst they really weren’t in the ground long enough to reach a good size (only a dozen or more weren’t what you would call a small onion), they are ridiculously packed with flavour.

Sadly, none of the old wives’ tales to stop your eyes from watering when chopping them seem to have any effect whatsoever, so I work blind when I’m wielding a knife, which is reassuring.

I’m curious, following my experiences with these ‘mild’ onions – would they have ended up as  the label described if they had been in the ground longer?  I would have expected the flavour to grow stronger over time.

Or, perhaps more likely, cheap onions are not always actually the variety they are labelled and sold as (though they did have Stuttgarter’s characteristic flat tops).


5 thoughts on “This year’s heroes: #2 – Onion ‘Stuttgarter’

  1. You may be on to something there! I had expected/assumed that the longer in the ground, the “better” (stronger) they taste – though I suppose it makes sense that they may get mellower if they were bigger. I think I may need to do some research.

    Either way, next year they will have longer in the ground (and I might even feed them too).

  2. I chopped some of my shallots yesterday and the stinging in the eyes was almost unbearable. My onions have a similar effect. I find that shop bought onions are a lot easier on the eyes!

  3. None of the old wives’ tales to stop the stinging seem to work, either.

    Still, I like a powerful onion. Lots of flavour, albeit in a small package!

  4. I don’t know why but when my own grown onions make my eyes water I feel rather pleased! I see it as a sign of freshness & flavour. Shop bought ones that make me cry just annoy me!!! I’m very biased towards my own veg!!

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