Flying the flag & Edwin’s raspberries

This week I’ve not got a great deal done on the allotment, but have been on the receiving end of a generous donation to my plot – I was offered two large clumps of Autumn-fruiting raspberry canes by my expert neighbour, Edwin.

Once separated out, the canes made a short row exactly where I was planning to buy canes to fill; I can’t wait to be able to take Amelia over to the plot this year to get picking.  Raspberries are definitely a favourite, even over strawberries.

Also, we’re now flying the Lincolnshire flag on my plot.  Partly a bird-deterrent, partly so that Amelia will be able to see which is our plot when walking by and partly just because.

I like it, at least!

The new row of Autumn raspberries and the flag

Another of the flag doing what flags do best

The flag doing what flags do best


Mandalas or pot holders

Much like the doily pot holder, these can be used to protect surfaces or your hands. Also they can be used for purely decorative purposes (several hung together on a kitchen wall would look particularly good).

They are made from 100% acrylic, which makes them washing machine and tumble dried safe. They can be made in any colours in any size. They look great in complimentary colours, contrasting colours, or rainbow stripes!

Pot holder doilies

These are perfect for protecting tables from a lovely, fresh from the oven, casserole dish, placemats, or even just for decoration.

They feature vintage doilies, mainly 70s, that have been up cycled and modernised with colourful acrylic yarn. This double layer not only looks beautiful, but creates added protection for your surfaces.

The doilies are cotton, and the yarn is 100% acrylic, so they are fully washable and can be tumble dried on a low setting. They can also be pressed lightly.

Supplies are limited as I have to source the doilies.

Bunting and more bunting

A sample of some of the bunting I have already made. They are perfect for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, the garden, or just because! They can be made to any length, with any colour combination
As they are 100% acrylic, they are fully washable. They can be tumble died and lightly pressed, but it may be better to dry flat.