Reduce, re-use, recycle

We’re very keen on recycling in this house. Left overs are frozen or made into a new meal the next day. Peelings and dodgy fruit and veg are taken to the compost, old plastic cartons and bottles are used in the garden. Anyway, you get the idea. Recycling is only way to be eco friendly, and of course, it’s free! This means a whole world of crafting opportunities are open to us for just pennies. You don’t have to only apply this to your weekly rubbish, I’m always on the look out for things that can be transformed with a little tlc. You see, everything is dual purpose. Honestly. You never know what will be useful.

The most expensive thing you will ever have is a child. I don’t like to think about the cost. However, they grow out of things so quickly, it’s a real waste to buy everything new. Whilst I spend an awful lot of time in charity shops and at car boots, it just doesn’t beat something being free. Below are some of the things that I’ve made for free for my daughter.

The building blocks were made on a whim when I decided to cut the legs off my jeans one day to make shorts. Two sides are denim, two sides are some left over felt from Christmas, one side is an old top, and the other an old pillow case. All free. Inside are blocks of upholstery foam. If you buy the irregular shapes then they cost next to nothing. I made them over a year ago and she still plays with them. Not bad for something that cost practically nothing!

Her summer dress really did cost nothing. It’s a bit of old seventies curtain my mum was getting rid of. All I needed to do was crochet around the top with some yarn from my stash. Ta dah, one free summer dress!

Crafting can cost a lot of money, and sometimes it’s tempting to get rid and buy new. However, nothing beats the satisfaction of making something yourself, especially when it’s free!


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