Thrifty garden lights

Nothing says summer like seeing all of the wonderful garden items in the shops. Everywhere you look there are novelty planters, tiki candles, citronella buckets, solar lights, you name it. Whilst all these things look lovely, the cost can mount up. Also, in most cases, disappointingly, most will only last one season.

I’m a real sucker for tea light holders. Every year I line the fence with little glass votive holders, and every year they get smashed. This year I’ve decided to trying something a little more cost effective. All you need is an empty tin, a hammer, a nail, and some twine.

First of all you need to save your tins from the recycling. See, it’s thrifty AND good for the environment. Wash them thoroughly, removing all the sticky residue. Then fill them with water and freeze them. Seem strange? All will become clear.

Once the water is frozen, you can make your design. You can do it free hand, or mark it out, but make sure you can’t see the marks after you’ve finished.

Now for the fun bit. Take a hammer and large nail, and hammer out your design. If you do this without freezing your tin you will completely flatten it, which is not great. Once you’ve finished, hammer a hole in either side at the top so you can hang it. Leave it to defrost, pop in a candle and Ta Dah! One tea light holder that cost absolutely nothing!

Beware, this can become addictive!

Small note. Please be careful when you hammer nails into things!


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