Water, water, everywhere…

When I want to water my allotment I take a stroll to the adjacent river (not far, to be fair).  This isn’t much of a problem as usually I don’t like to water too much; I’d rather encourage the roots to go deeper.  Of course, sometimes you have to water (thirsty crops, young seedlings, transplanted plants, etc).

Without a tap and no shed to collect water from, I’ve been thinking of knocking something together which will allow me to harvest rainwater.

After a consultation period with many top designers, I am proud to reveal the plans for the new Compostarium-Water-Harvest-o-Matic  Mk. I

The Compostarium as it is at the moment

The Compost bins as they are at the moment.  Pretty uninspiring, huh?

Currently I have a pretty standard pallet-bin double compost bin.  I am hoping to build something on top of them which will allow me to harvest rainwater for use later on.

Something wonderful.

Something like THIS!

The new and improved Compostarium! Note: This is an artist's impresssion, not a photograph.

The new and improved Compostarium!  With a sloped, corrugated roof and a length of guttering, I hope to be able to fill a water butt to give me some reserves for the summer.  

Of course, whether my limited construction skills will allow me to put something together may impact upon the quality of the finished product.  There are also a couple of concerns, from my first thoughts.

Firstly, what about wind? It will have to be pretty sturdy as are quite an exposed site and I don’t want it taking off and nobbling someone’s veg on an adjacent plot.

Also, money.  I’m not tight, but I don’t really want to spend anything on this.  As I say, the river is only a stone’s-throw away and that was OK last year.  It isn’t worth sinking much money into, so this will all depend upon bargain-hunting, Freecycle and skip-dipping.

I will have a word in my father’s shell (a recently-retired joiner); he will possibly have some of the materials knocking about in his garage, and will have the expertise to tell me I’m either being stupid, or of a better way to build the damn thing.

Updates will follow, I’m sure…


4 thoughts on “Water, water, everywhere…

  1. Why don’t you hinge it at the back to your compost bin for easy access and then it won’t blow away either. All we need now is a bit of rain. What happened to April showers? My two water butts are dry and my raised beds are parched. Not complaining about the lovely sunshine though its just hard work lugging water from the tap to my patch! Good luck with your build! Looking forward to seeing your successes!

  2. Oooh! Hinged? Hadn’t even considered that. One of my compost bins has a removable front, the other is quite low (like this: http://sdrv.ms/13ISZnK) so I hadn’t considered access, however turning the compost would be a backbreaker if it wasn’t hinged, wouldn’t it?

    I knew my idea was half-baked!

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