Multipurpose Compostarium

You can have multipurpose compost, so why not a multipurpose compost heap?

I was thinking about my plans for a rainwater-harvesting compostarium, which will hopefully be sited over the larger of my two heaps and was struck with a (very small, possibly useless) brainwave.

I had hoped to grow butternut and gem  squash directly on top of my compost heap, which left me with a quandry of where they would go (squash obviously like to trail, but I didn’t want them sat in damp compost and possibly going rotten).  The plan is fairly simple: I could construct a raised platform above the compost heap, which the squash can grow onto, and trail across.  So, I took one of my Gem Squash as a trial and transplanted it out, under a  cloche, directly into the compostarium.

The experimental early squash. The rest of his buddies will be left indoors in their pots until the “right” time to transplant them out.


One Gem Squash, sitting in its new home. Good luck, little fella!

This is what the platform will look like (or something similar) once the squash(es) have grown enough to train them onto it.  Obviously, I’ve removed the platform for the time being to let the seedling see the sunshine!

I think, to be fair, I was a little hasty in actually putting a seedling in situ, but we’ll see.  If I’m lucky with the weather (!) then it may be well away before the others have even been transplanted out.  I may pop half a plastic bottle over it as well, though, for the first few nights.

Elsewhere on the plot, I utilised the rest of my cloches to protect a row of Purple Queen dwarf French beans (seeds, not transplants) which are to be sited directly in front of my raspberry canes, began brewing a batch of nettle tea (which I will pour onto the compost heap to feed the squashes when the time is right) and got a row of Bright Lights swiss chard seedlings in.  All in all a pretty productive Bank Holiday weekend!

Purple Queen DFBs – directly in front of my row of Autumn-fruiting raspberries

An evil brew: Nettle tea

A row of swiss chard, just about visible between my gangplanks and onion sets


8 thoughts on “Multipurpose Compostarium

    • Thanks Jean, its been a good, productive weekend. A bit more hoeing and watering tomorrow and I’ll be really pleased with my preparations for summer.

    • Certainly does! It is foul smelling, slimy stuff, but wonderful for the plants or as a compost accelerator.

    • It will be interesting – I usually just let squash do their own thing, but I cant see why it wouldn’t work, assuming we have a good summer!

      We will see. Thanks for reading, by the way!

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