PinAddicts Challenge- Lovely and Lacey

I’m obsessed with Pinterest. There, I said it. I can’t help it! One quick browse at my homepage becomes a two hour long slog through all the different staircases that I could possibly have in my dream house, or all the brilliant things that you can do with a pallet. Consequently I pin a lot of things. More often than not I don’t go back to them, there are just too many. But, when I saw the Pinaddicts Challenge I was suddenly inspired. Brilliant, an excuse to get into gear and make one of the million things I’ve pinned (I think it’s more around 400, but who’s counting).

Anyhoo, I went through all of my pins but just couldn’t find anything.  There were lots of nice things, but no inspiring makes. A few days went by and I had a visit from my parents. They had brought me a lovely big bag of lace and doilies that my mother had found for me. She pulled out a piece of lace on the top and said, “This would make a lovely headband for Amelia”. My eyes lit up. Not at the thought of making my daughter a headband, she has lots, but because I remembered something I had pinned, this. Yay! I went and dug out some stretchy lace ribbon (I have quite a bit, you never know when you may need it) and set to work. First of all I measured the ribbon to size and sewed the two raw ends together. Then I covered the lace in PVA glue and left it lying over a jar over night so that it set into a rounded shape. When it was dry I sewed it to the ribbon and Voila! A pretty lace headband. And it’s pretty good, even if I say so myself!


PinAddicts Challenge

3 thoughts on “PinAddicts Challenge- Lovely and Lacey

  1. wow! That is beautiful! Love your comment about ‘making something inspiring from a pallet’ – bwahahah!!! Sounds like you’re already a PinAddict – no conversion needed 🙂 Thanks so much for entering our challenge this month, will share on Facebook & Twitter too! Kerry x

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