Pretty pretty dresses

Last year my daughter got a beautiful dress for her first birthday. I told my OH that if anyone asked,  then this dress was the one I wanted her to have as a present. No one asked. However, the Gods smiled on us and she got it anyway. She looked beautiful and wore it all the time. Here she is wearing it. Isn’t she the cutest?

2012-07-26 15.21.19

This dress is size 9-12 months. Now you may think it is rather churlish to buy a one year old this size, but she is a real midget. She was a healthy size when she was born, she just comes from short stock. This is why, one month from her second birthday. I decided to upcycle this lovely dress and get it fitting her again.


Won’t lie to you. This was the hardest part, but once it was done there was no turning back. The dress has a long button band down the back, so I cut the line just below that. The collar is so pretty, I think I may do something with that too, but that’s for another time.


I then pinned the skirt section to a plain t shirt that is a little big for her. I positioned it and then pressed it for the next step.


I turned the skirt inside out and slotted it back on to the top the other way, so when folded down it would be the right side with a hem. I pressed it again and stitched it around.


Fold the skirt over, press again et voila! Nearly there. it could have been left like this, but I want to add a little extra.


I cut the excess t-shirt away and made a rolled hem encompassing the raw edges of the skirt. This makes it a bit neater inside and also a bit tougher. It might now have a chance against my rough and tumble toddler.


I finished the whole thing with a ribbon to hide the seam line and a little flat bow as an accent. I was going to add a pocket, but meh! Not bad for 6.30 in the morning! What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Pretty pretty dresses

  1. I think you are a goddess! 😉 And your girly is too precious for words! She looks very impressed with her mummy’s handiwork so milk that while she’s still small! 🙂

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