I may have a problem….part two

In my previous post I decided to share some of my abandoned craft projects with the intention of motivating me into finishing them. That wasn’t the end of the story. I have an awful lot of unfinished crochet projects too. I haven’t been crocheting as long as I have anything else, but I am well and truly addicted. Not only do I crochet items to sell in my folksy shop, but I have recently run a workshop. It might not be a surprise that some things have just languished at the bottom of my sewing box. This being said, NONE of my crochet WIPs have been on the hook very long, certainly not as long as the projects in my last post. Well here we go…


I started this blanket as an example for my workshop a few weeks ago. I since decided that it might be better as a cushion. Now I’m thinking a mini scented cushion…..


This is the start of two monsters that I am making for my folksy shop. This multi-coloured yarn was so much fun to work with, so much more fun that the black I need to complete them. So much more fun, in fact, that I just haven’t bothered.


Some pretty sleeves a la Simply Crochet magazine. Not too far from completion, but they have been on the hook for a little while, and of course, they have to eventually make it on to a top.

It would seem that finishing a project is not really my strong point. The making is the fun part. It’s the sewing and weaving and odds and ends that I don’t find quite so fun.

Case in point:


Finished these broomstick lace mug holders weeks ago. They’ve been blocked and everything. All they need is a button and the ends sewing in. They’ve been sat in the ‘ideas basket’ ever since.


These flowers have been sat waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen to them for quite some time. I ran out of juice after making them and couldn’t decide what to do with them. Now they lie forgotten and may never be used. Sad really.

So, that’s it. There are more. Some that haven’t really been started, and some more that are for my shop that I don’t really want to share til I’m done and they look pretty. Now I’ve bared my crafting soul. Surely I’m not the only one like this. Surely…..



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