It’s been a while…

I haven’t been able to blog lately. It’s not that I’ve not had anything to talk about, quite the opposite. I have just been so ridiculously busy that I’m losing three or four days at a time! Between making wedding decorations, planning a toddler’s birthday, making toddler presents, looking after said toddler, and various other secret things, well, I’ve been a little bit busy. I have been wanting to share this project though.

A few weeks ago (could be weeks, could be longer, I don’t remember) I decided to start crocheting a cardigan for Bobbin for her birthday. She had out grown all of last years light cardigans, and all the ones that fit her were too thick. I had some pink 4 ply left over from a cardigan I started last year but couldn’t finish. The pattern stated that I needed 3x 50g balls, but I decided I didn’t. I based this confident assumption on the fact that 100g balls of acrylic are often a little longer than other yarn types. I felt 1 ball of 100g would be fine and I got started. It was a lovely pattern, one that was featured in Simply Crochet magazine. Any way, I was but a couple of inches from finishing the second arm when I ran out of wool. Turns out that the stated amount was correct. Damn it. “Why don’t you finish it in a different colour?” my OH asked. “No” I said.

The next day we traipsed back to where I thought I’d bought the wool a year earlier. She didn’t stock it anymore. “Rather than choosing a similar shade, you should just go for it with a contrasting shade and make it look deliberate” she said, just as OH came round the corner. Not only had he been right, but someone who knew what they were talking about had confirmed it! I swallowed my pride and went and did just that. I think it turned out pretty good. I got to use a Peppa Pig ribbon that had been sitting around since Christmas, and even snuck in one of the crochet flowers from a few posts back. What do you reckon?


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