Button love and a pattern freebie

I love buttons. Everyone loves buttons right? If you’re a crafter there is every chance that somewhere in your house there is a large stash of buttons just waiting for the perfect project. This said, when Jessie Jumbles asked on Twitter whether anyone would like a sample of her buttons to review for a blog I jumped at the chance. I’m glad I did, look at the little beauties that arrived… Continue reading


Handmade birthdays

So recently I have been really busy. Not only have I had to start making things for my handmade wedding (September 21st, since you ask) but I’ve also had some birthdays to be making for.  Now, I don’t just make things for the good of my health. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, and handmade is better, but it’s also free. As a stay at home mum, it’s an absolute bonus if I can make birthday presents out of things I already have in my stash! Continue reading

Little bit of luxury

I love anything that is reduced. Whether it’s clothes, food, books, DVDs, toys, or most importantly, craft items. I can spend hours searching through a big bin of sample fabrics and off cuts. Problem is, sometimes I end up coming home with something and just not knowing what to do with it. When I was sorting out the fabric for my new storage box (see last post-it’s full now by the way) I came across one of these little finds.

WP_20130715_002 Continue reading

A little bit of upcycling

I have lots of fabric. I mean LOTS of fabric, and recently beautiful fabric has been flying through the door a couple of metres at a time. Now, I don’t have a big house so I sure as hell don’t have a ‘sewing room’, so where is it all going to go?! It was stuffed into bags and squeezed into every cupboard and box in the house whilst I pondered. Then two days ago I was walking around my favourite second hand sales room when I came upon this going for a song.

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