A little bit of upcycling

I have lots of fabric. I mean LOTS of fabric, and recently beautiful fabric has been flying through the door a couple of metres at a time. Now, I don’t have a big house so I sure as hell don’t have a ‘sewing room’, so where is it all going to go?! It was stuffed into bags and squeezed into every cupboard and box in the house whilst I pondered. Then two days ago I was walking around my favourite second hand sales room when I came upon this going for a song.


You make not think it’s much of a looker, but I saw it’s potential and snapped  it up. I found some pretty fabric from my ever growing stash, grabbed my staple gun and set to work.

I didn’t want to do too much to the box itself, I quite like the delicate wicker design, but the stained red plastic had to go.  So , off came the lid.


In all fairness I was expecting this to be a five minute job from start to finish, but I wasn’t banking on how stripped the screws were. One had completely broken off. I couldn’t have done this bit without a bit of brute strength from the husband-to-be and a pair of pliers. But anyway, once it was off I laid it down on the material of choice, cut out an appropriate sized piece that would cover it and started stapling. I always find that it’s easiest to put one staple in two adjacent sides, then pull it really taught and then put one staple in the other two sides. This way the fabric is pulled nice and tight at the start. I hope that makes sense. It ended up looking like this anyway.


Now it has to be screwed back on to the hinges.  I took a metal knitting needle and pulled it along the edge that was originally screwed down, and when I found the screw holes I pierced the fabric with the needle. Much easier than messing around making new holes. Once it was all screwed together, I filled it with fabric and it looked like this.



And now it looks at home with my suitcases. Which are also filled with fabric. Ahem…



5 thoughts on “A little bit of upcycling

  1. Oh to have a sewing room. I took over one of my kids toy boxes to fill that with fabric, and then there are the 4 underbed storage boxes, and the shelf in a cupboard, and a box coffee table…the list goes on and on. I need to move house so I can keep it all in one place.

    I love the makeover you gave that box. It will look lovely in your sewing room when you finally get one!

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