Little bit of luxury

I love anything that is reduced. Whether it’s clothes, food, books, DVDs, toys, or most importantly, craft items. I can spend hours searching through a big bin of sample fabrics and off cuts. Problem is, sometimes I end up coming home with something and just not knowing what to do with it. When I was sorting out the fabric for my new storage box (see last post-it’s full now by the way) I came across one of these little finds.


Aren’t the colours lovely? I just couldn’t help myself. It is a sample book of silk curtain fabric last retail at £50 a metre, and I only paid £1 for it. Absolute bargain. However, the usable fabric is actually quite small and covered in plastic, so by the time I got home I didn’t know what to do with it and it was resigned to the bottom of the box. Now, on this particular day I had just finished a grueling 6 weeks of birthday present making (all will be revealed in the next post) so I decided to relax with a little sewing. I had already made some cushion covers that morning. We had one purple and one gold cushion on the settee which didn’t look right, so I chopped the gold cushion into two, used it for backing a new fabric et voila, new cushions. What do you think?


I digress. This left me with a purple cushion cover going spare. I got my thinking cap on and got my sewing machine out…


First of all, I cut out all of the usable pieces of the sample fabric. There was actually a lot more once they were all cut out, which was a nice surprise. I then sewed them together in the same order as they were in the book. There would have been a lot more photos of all these processes, but it was a really hot day, and slippy fabric is difficult at the best of time, and, well…there was a fair bit of cussing and not enough picture taking.


Next I opened out the cushion cover, ironed it out, put it RS down, with a layer of wadding, and then the previously sewn together strips of silk. If I had one regret, other than to take more pictures, it would be not using interfacing on the silk fabric. It frays so easily. Any-hoo… I folded the purple fabric over the edges of the sewn strips, pinned it, sewed it all together and made


A pretty table thing 😀 It’s not quite a runner, and it’s too pretty to be used as a mat for hot food, but it’s nice to have a little bit of luxury, and I put my impulse buy to some use after all.


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