Handmade birthdays

So recently I have been really busy. Not only have I had to start making things for my handmade wedding (September 21st, since you ask) but I’ve also had some birthdays to be making for.  Now, I don’t just make things for the good of my health. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, and handmade is better, but it’s also free. As a stay at home mum, it’s an absolute bonus if I can make birthday presents out of things I already have in my stash!

At the start of the month was my darling daughters 2nd birthday. I’m taking the opportunity whilst she is young to make her birthdays and Christmases as cheap as possible. Everything I bought came from car boot sales and charity shops. She can’t tell the difference, and at her age things are grown out of before they wear out. She was already getting a play kitchen and food from her Nanna and Granddad, and I had picked her up a picnic set, so it seemed perfect sense to make her a picnic.


If you knit for children and you don’t have Jean Greenhowe’s book Jiffy Knits then I suggest you get it. It has oodles of amazing things in it and it’s a bargain. So that was the little Bobbin sorted, now for my big Bobbin, my wonderful Fiance. It was his birthday on Friday and he got two lovely handmade gifts from me and a beautiful painting from little Bobbin. Isn’t he lucky?! First he got a food flask cosy in a funky camo design.


I know, you’re pretty jealous. His main present, however, was this.


And yes,  it took me forever! I had to hide that I was making it, and had to churn out in the region of 15-20 squares a day when I was able.  But, it’s amazingly awesome, even if I say so myself.

Not everyone I know will appreciate something like this as a gift, but it’s nice to know that I can make something useful and that is loved. And free, of course!


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