Getting things done

I had a good look at all my WIPs recently. Then I looked at my stash, and all the projects I wanted to start, and calculated I’d be around 60 before I had worked my way through it if I carried on at this rate. Something had to be done. I had to, gulp, finish some projects.

And I did just that. Turns out that if you don’t start a new project every other day, you can actually get some done! Continue reading


Thanks, Morrison’s

One of the most (over-) used things on my plot in the last year has been a freebie: banana boxes from Morrisons.

They’re just the right width to lay down as weed-suppressing allotment paths, and make a good, cheap ground cover for the hard to weed spaces.

One of those problem areas, of course, is anywhere that you net to protect against pests. Removing and re-fixing the net can be tiresome and can tear the net over time.

The spring cabbages, inspected one-by-one for caterpillars and eggs as they went in, are now happily planted through a layer of banana boxes and netted with scaffold net.

Here’s to a good harvest after the winter.

Debris netting and banana boxes. A good labour saving combination.

A Break

I’ve been knitting the same complicated lace snood forever. I’m 7 repeats in to 11 repeats and it turns out I don’t have enough yarn, and I can’t get it anymore. I decided to weave in some contrasting sock yarn alongside my existing yarn to make it go further… Continue reading

Start ’em young – Family gardening fun

There’s no real direction to this post, just a few photos of our lovely daughter Amelia enjoying her favourite thing in the world – getting outside and getting muddy! Continue reading

The Napkin Project

A while back I came across a post on A year without supermarkets blog about the napkin project. They were asking for people to embroider a napkin with an idea of what home means to you, and these would be presented to Saffron Gardens, a dementia care home in Bristol.  The idea is that a creative environment can stimulate and encourage creativity in those suffering from dementia. Dementia runs in my family and I saw at a young age how it took hold of both my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. My Grandmother bought me my first embroidery kit, so this is a project I felt that I really needed to be a part of. My Husband-To-Be helped me plan the design, as I wanted it to represent all of us as a family, and here it is… Continue reading

What if an onion had a potato’s babies?

You would get “Potato Onions,” which is what I grew for the first time this year. Apparently they’re also called “Multiplier Onions,” but that name doesn’t evoke any of the wonderful Frankensteinian images of a half-spud-half-onion hybrid.

For what it’s worth they were pretty decent, though they may not overtake my beloved shallots in the ‘What to Grow’ league table.

They take up the same amount of space as the shallots, and work in the same way – that is, for every set you plant, you get several small onions when you harvest. Continue reading

Hasselback Potatoes

What, oh what to do with my ‘surprise’ crop of Cara spuds?

How about this: Hasselback Potatoes?

Here’s our effort, courtesy of The Boss.

Liebster Award

I’ve have been spending most of my time running around like a headless chicken making and organising for my upcoming wedding. This has left me little time and inclination to write a blog post. I would however like to graciously accept a Liebster award from Emma over on EmmaMade. Go and check her out, it’s a lovely blog full of wonderful things.

She describes the award (or rather had the award described to her) as thus   “The Liebster award, though information on its origins are fuzzy, is an award for bloggers with less than 200 followers who are nominated in light of deserving recognition and encouragement for their blogging work and talent.  Liebster, the sweetest German word you ever did hear”.

leibster Continue reading