The Napkin Project

A while back I came across a post on A year without supermarkets blog about the napkin project. They were asking for people to embroider a napkin with an idea of what home means to you, and these would be presented to Saffron Gardens, a dementia care home in Bristol.  The idea is that a creative environment can stimulate and encourage creativity in those suffering from dementia. Dementia runs in my family and I saw at a young age how it took hold of both my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. My Grandmother bought me my first embroidery kit, so this is a project I felt that I really needed to be a part of. My Husband-To-Be helped me plan the design, as I wanted it to represent all of us as a family, and here it is…



This corner represents me and my love of crafts. Incidentally, if anyone finds yarn in this colourway could you please let me know?


This corner represents my wonderful better half and his thriving allotment


And this is our 2 year old daughters’ hand print.

It was actually quite difficult to give this away, but I know it’s for an amazing cause that I’m really proud to say I’m a part of. I think I might make another just for us though.


6 thoughts on “The Napkin Project

  1. A beautiful tribute to your family, that will enable other people’s family members to share in their own way – and making your own copy is a lovely idea! Maybe with your story to go with it so it lives on through future generations. Well done x

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