Start ’em young – Family gardening fun

There’s no real direction to this post, just a few photos of our lovely daughter Amelia enjoying her favourite thing in the world – getting outside and getting muddy!

On the way to the allotment with Mum and Great-Nanna

On the way to the allotment with Mum and Great-Nanna.  Rocking the pink wellies.

...and surveying her kingdom

“This way mummy!” Amelia surveying her kingdom.

Shelling peas

Shelling Champion of England heritage peas.  Later in the season Amelia’s job was hunting for the caterpillars in the pods and making friends with them.

Rooting through the plant pots – who knows what for!

Apple crates which will be used at our wedding to store the favours – Amelia is just making sure no-one steals them!

…and yes, she is wearing a teeny tiny Notts County kit!


4 thoughts on “Start ’em young – Family gardening fun

    • Amelia really loves it – when I left for work this morning she thought she was coming too and that we would go to the allotment. That’s a bit sad, but her face when we are there is priceless 🙂

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