Thanks, Morrison’s

One of the most (over-) used things on my plot in the last year has been a freebie: banana boxes from Morrisons.

They’re just the right width to lay down as weed-suppressing allotment paths, and make a good, cheap ground cover for the hard to weed spaces.

One of those problem areas, of course, is anywhere that you net to protect against pests. Removing and re-fixing the net can be tiresome and can tear the net over time.

The spring cabbages, inspected one-by-one for caterpillars and eggs as they went in, are now happily planted through a layer of banana boxes and netted with scaffold net.

Here’s to a good harvest after the winter.

Debris netting and banana boxes. A good labour saving combination.


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Morrison’s

    • Thanks – it doesnt take long and the price is right!

      I work near a Morrisons so most days at work I can bring the boxes home – in a week I have anoigh to cover a decent sized bit of ground

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