Getting things done

I had a good look at all my WIPs recently. Then I looked at my stash, and all the projects I wanted to start, and calculated I’d be around 60 before I had worked my way through it if I carried on at this rate. Something had to be done. I had to, gulp, finish some projects.

And I did just that. Turns out that if you don’t start a new project every other day, you can actually get some done!

First done were my socks, which you might recognise from my previous post about WIPs. Impressively, these were on my needles for about 3 years.

Then there was my thrifty shawl, which I started in order to use up my scraps. This was a long time ago and my stash has doubled since then. At least. However, it is finished.

And also, a relatively new addition to the WIPs, a collar that was supposed to take a weekend that I started in June. Done!

Of course now I’m free to start lots more things. Yippee!


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