I have spuds that just won’t quit

Really! They just don’t know when to stop.

After pulling my potatoes for an early harvest (we have a busy September coming up) I chucked the haulms, along with my peas, into a heap on some cleared ground. I would deal with it later, honest.

Well, now is later, and moving the rubbish heap to the compost bins I found that several of the almost-intact potato plants were happily forming new, tiny spudlets.

I’ve never know that to happen – they were in the sun, drying out, and they’re producing a little harvest of new potatoes.

Now that’s productive!

Dry as a bone but new potatoes forming


3 thoughts on “I have spuds that just won’t quit

    • It was quite a surprise, new almost-the-right-size-for-a-salad potatoes from a heap of rubbish. Might have helped that before digging I pull the entire plant from the ground in one go, so any tiny tubers forming will still be connected to the roots & leaves

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