Button love and a pattern freebie

Button love and a pattern freebie.

via Button love and a pattern freebie.


The Big Knit 2013


Every year I say I’m going to take part in the Innocent Smoothie Big Knit, and every year I see the bottles with the hats on and realise I missed it. Well not this year!  Continue reading

Too Many Tomatoes

Our tomato plants are looking a little sad. Thanks to the self watering pots, they produced loads of fruit, but they’re just not ripening. We’ve left them as long as we could, but they need a little helping hand. Continue reading

Sometimes it is better to give than to receive


I love shopping in charity shops. We live in a small town, so I always do the same circuit of the same charity shops, saying hello to the same volunteers, and hunting through the same shelves and racks for that hidden bargain. It’s a brilliant feeling when you’ve searched through everything and right at that back you find something that you absolutely need, and it’s an absolute bargain!  Continue reading

National Wool Week

On twitter and through blogs I am surrounded by knitters, so I couldn’t help but notice that this week was National Wool Week. Continue reading

The Great Chop – Part Two

A couple of hours ago I found myself looking at this… Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Different

This blog focuses quite heavily on my various craft projects. That is all I write about in fact. There is something else I would like to share with you though, and that is my love of thriftiness in the kitchen. I like to try and make a meal from nothing, or from the cheapest ingredients I can find. Having an allotment definitely helps. We have things like potatoes, onions, courgettes and sweetcorn in abundance, but I also like the challenge of looking around the kitchen and making a meal out of whatever I can find. Continue reading

Making something out of nothing

As I have probably mentioned before, I made a lot of bunting for our wedding (I know, that’s the last time I promise). There was tons of scraps from cutting out the triangles, but it seemed such a shame to throw so much away. I had a look on Pinterest for ideas and found a few posts that were about making fabric yardage out of scraps. Being the thrifty type I liked this idea, so I had a root around to see what I had. Continue reading

Getting back in the swing of things

Our wedding was beautiful, our honeymoon couldn’t have been more perfect, but now we have to get back into the swing of things. Not that I’m that happy about it, I’d give my left arm to pick up and move to Whitby. But, it’s nice to be home and to get things back to normal.

I was rushed off my feet before the wedding, but I still managed to start half a dozen things. Now I’ve got a lot more free time, so I’ve knuckled down and got some of it done. Continue reading