Making something out of nothing

As I have probably mentioned before, I made a lot of bunting for our wedding (I know, that’s the last time I promise). There was tons of scraps from cutting out the triangles, but it seemed such a shame to throw so much away. I had a look on Pinterest for ideas and found a few posts that were about making fabric yardage out of scraps. Being the thrifty type I liked this idea, so I had a root around to see what I had.

The method I used was with bondaweb. I just unrolled some and overlapped the pieces on top of it, pressing with an iron as I went. There may be a better method, but if you can’t find one, try and be careful. Bondaweb is a devil to get off your iron.

After ironing it all I trimmed it to make it neat, and then I used my sewing machine to zig zag stitch around the pieces to secure them. Ta dah.

The idea was that I would make Mr and Mrs cushions for the bed, but I haven’t quite got round to that yet! Another thing to add to the list!

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3 thoughts on “Making something out of nothing

  1. What a lovely idea! I know someone that used their wedding dress to make a canopy for their baby’s crib, but I could not bear to do that to mine! x

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