The easiest pompoms in the world – EVER!

I haven’t been very well for the last couple of days (all together now -awww!) What do you do when you’re poorly? Well, if you’re me, you crochet a hat for your daughter, obviously! The pattern (featured in Simply Crochet magazine) was nice and quick, so it wasn’t too much effort, but it required two pompoms for finishing. I was in no state to get up and start making little cardboard circles and I do not posses a pompom maker (hint hint, it’s nearly Christmas).I do vaguely remember seeing how to make mini pompoms on a fork. The forks were a whole room away, and I wanted fairly large pompoms so I gave it a go on my fingers, and what do you know, it actually worked. Now I’m not going to say these are the most professional thing in the world, and it’s hard to gauge size, but they did turn out pretty well.

WP_20131106_004First of all I wrapped the yarn around three fingers until it looked about the size I wanted my pompom to be. Again, this isn’t really an exact science, and it may take a few goes to get it right.

WP_20131106_005 WP_20131106_006

Next you tie a length of yarn around the middle of the pompom. It might be quite difficult to get it between your fingers, so you might have to poke it through with a knitting needle or whatever is to hand. Once you’ve tied it, but not knotted it, you need to carefully slide it off your fingers to tighten the tie around the yarn and then knot it.


Next you need to insert your scissors into the loops and cut around the edge like you would a normal pompom, and then all you need to do is trim it to neaten it up


There you are, as easy as that! I didn’t even have to get up, and I think they look pretty cute on Bobbin’s new hat!


8 thoughts on “The easiest pompoms in the world – EVER!

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  2. I haven’t made pompoms in years and when I did it was all about stupid discs of cardboard that NEVER worked…this method looks like it would work well because most people have fingers hanging around that can be harnessed to be used for this purpose. I guess if your fingers are AWOL or otherwise occupied (dunking bickies in hot tea…remember…that’s how you knit!) you might have to employ a few twigs but it’s all good if the results look this great. Cheers for sharing 🙂 Love the hat by the way but it looks to be out of my league 😉

      • A “propper” pompom maker? Do tell? I thought you just had to make cardboard rings (badly because you are lazy…the “you” in that sentence actually meaning “me”…) or get those little plastic discs? I thought your 3 finger way was amazing and now you tell me that there is another (obviously expensive) way?! Where have I been!!! Tasmania you slight me again! Off to my old mate Google to see what you are talking about 🙂

      • “usually” attached to you…I never assume that they will be there from one day to the next so reserve my right to use sticks ;). I just learned about knitting looms a few weeks ago and am still enraptured by the possibilities of “knitting” in the round when performing the wooden (I am going to get Steve to make me some in different sizes in wood with pegs) equivalent of finger-knitting. What a hoot! I can even make socks that way and I like the idea of Steve crafting me some lovely wooden knitting looms :). I only buy expensive electrical equipment if it gives me a LOT of bang for my buck. I bought a hideously expensive blender about 8 years ago that I promptly didn’t use and that ended up covered in cobwebs before we moved here from another state (Western Australia, my home state) and I only brought it with me because of the guilt of how expensive it was (think new stove expensive and you are getting close!). It sat in a box for years until I lost weight and got healthy and suddenly I remembered it and pulled it out and have been using it continuously ever since. I doubt you would be doing the same thing with a pom-pom machine unless you have an endless desire to “pom” and you should, most probably, go to see a specialist if that’s the case ;). Have a great day. We appear to be sharing our weather at the moment. Tasmania is blowing a gale and threatening to rain all day as well as being as cold as winter all over again…pity I closed the stove down and couldn’t be bothered to chop more wood 😉

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