Egg fried rice

Over the weekend we had a Chinese takeaway. We don’t have them very often, but this one was a special birthday treat. We always choose a set meal for two because there is so much food that we can save half for the next day, all we need to do is make some boiled rice. This time we made too much rice, but not being one to waste anything, I decided me and the toddler would be having egg fried rice for lunch on Monday.

I love egg fried rice. It’s one of the finest ways to use up leftovers, not only rice but meat and vegetables too. It’s a whole meal in one, and very filling. I’m not going to write the actual recipe I used, because I don’t use one. I really just do it by eye and by taste.

I fry the meat until it’s cooked, or heated through, then add spring onions, if I have them, normal onions are fine. Chuck in any other vegetables you have, frozen peas are a favourite with us, but you can use ANYTHING as long as it’s at least par boiled. Add the rice and cook it all together until the rice is heated through. Make a well in the centre of the rice and pour in beaten egg. The amount depends on how many other ingredients you have, we usually use one egg per person. Give it all a really good stir, you need to thoroughly combine all the ingredients with the egg so it is evenly distributed. Fry until the egg is cooked, add soy sauce to taste and serve. It’s as simple as that.

This is so easy, I feel a bit of fraud blogging it, but it such a great way to use up bits and pieces from the night before. It’s delicious and so much healthier than the takeaway version, and it’s toddler friendly too. Our little one has been having it since she was a year old and it’s a firm favourite, even on her more grumpy days 🙂


9 thoughts on “Egg fried rice

  1. Egg fried rice must be a great U.K. favourite as we call it “fried rice” here and Steve insists on calling it egg fried rice. I guess it does contain egg and it is fried and it does have rice so technically he is correct ;). We make huge vats of the stuff even though there are only 2 of us now (kids off and running free – can’t blame me for their actions now! 😉 ) and freeze it. It tastes even better reheated at some ubiquitous “time in the future” when you are strapped for time or cash and you suddenly realise that there is a wealthy plethora of deliciousness in your freezer just waiting for you to plunder its delicious bounty. (What I really mean here is that I simply can’t get my head around cooking for 1 and keep making meals for 4. I am vegan and Steve is apparently “JUST ONE MAN WOMAN!!!”…so lots goes into the freezer 😉 )

      • We could both host street parties and cater the events solely from our freezers…simultaneous street parties on both sides of the world…we are revolutionaries! (Or we cook too much…I prefer the former 😉 )

      • I tend not to eat most of what I cook because I am vegan and Steve isn’t so most of what I cook for him isn’t something that I would eat. The cooking part is the fun bit most of the time (unless its hot chips…then EVERY part of it is fun 🙂 )

  2. They do the same when you order a curry. You’ve got enough for the following day, as well as soup for the day after. There can be a bit of a queue for the loo in the following days. Hope you have a lovely birthday.

  3. When I have run out of ideas (or ingredients) of what to feed the kids, I fry up an egg, put in some leftover rice and finish it with a little soy sauce (both the salty and sweet kind). This is so easy and so loved by my girls! (I used to love this too as a little one, and on occasion as an older one too :-)) May not be the healthiest meal but it’s got carbs and proteins and is definitely filling.

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