An excuse to Make-do-and-Mend

As if I need an excuse! Last week my mum picked up an awesome ‘shabby chic’ water jug from a car boot sale. Obviously I thought this was the perfect thing to store my knitting needles in. I was right of course, but this made my knitting needle case obsolete. If I’m honest, it had been of no real use for a while as I had three times as many knitting needles as I could store in the needle case. What I did need, however, was a phone case as I had already broken the screen of my phone and I had only had it a few months. I had been wanting to make one, but I hadn’t got round to buying the thin wadding. Luckily for me, the needle case was padded. A perfect excuse for a bit of make do and mending.


I was too busy cutting up the case to take a picture, but you get the idea of what it looked like before I took the scissors to it. I started by following a pattern, but the measurements were all wrong so I winged it. I cut two sections that were 2 cm bigger than my phone on all sides.


I  quilted each piece of this individually with running stitch in a diamond pattern, and then stitched it all together, wrong sides facing, around three edges.


I then realised I had to unpick the top inch on either side so I could fold the raw edges in on themselves and sew in a tab for the button, I used a piece of scrap blue ribbon to make the button tab. I slip stitched these edges together.


Then I removed the bias binding from the case and sewed it on to the case. I make it sound so much easier than it actually was. It was the first time I used bias binding for anything other than bunting and I must have unpicked it a thousand times. But, in the end I (kind of) got it to work. I sewed on a button and that was that, I got a free phone case and saved wasting some perfectly good material. What was left has been added to the fabric stash until I can get round to it, ahem.



One thought on “An excuse to Make-do-and-Mend

  1. Alwasy great when you can repurpose something…saves both you and the environment “cost”. We used an old leather jacket that my daughter gave me (from the 80’s and HUGE) to make covers for an old stool with a back and for a padded top for a keg stool (repurposed kegs RULE 😉 ) and we still have a lot left for other things. The scraps got ripped to shreds by Earl and after they were shredded I put them into the compost. No waste and lots of satisfaction 🙂

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