The Sweet Smell of Success

I’m not the world’s greatest housekeeper, this I will admit. I tend to ‘tidy’ rather than clean, and ‘potter’ rather than sort out. Because of this our house occasionally looks and feels a little neglected. I thought a good way of improving the overall ‘abandoned’ feel of our house would be to make a lovely air freshener to, well, freshen everything up a bit. I had a look at Pinterest, obviously, for inspiration. I tried to make a powder one, but it just didn’t quite work, and we have a pomander in the bedroom full of dried lavender, but it isn’t strong enough. The only thing left to try was a gel air freshener.

Now, my Pinterest success rate has been a little hit and miss in the past. Some things have turned out great, whilst others have been a total disaster. I wasn’t expecting a lot from this, especially as I had to substitute some of the ingredients, but it worked wonderfully! The instructions called for powdered gelatin, and I only had leaves, but it turned out perfectly. I made two lovely festive red air fresheners with my favourite Christmas scent, Cranberry Sensation from The Body Shop (ours closed down last year, so I don’t know if they still do it). I didn’t think to take any pictures at the time though, so I made another one for the kitchen, a nice fresh satsuma scent.

grl 1

First of all you need to choose a container that is heat proof and also nice to look at, or can be decorated. Jars are perfect for this. This jar holds all 16 fluid ounces of water used in this recipe. If you want to make smaller air fresheners, just use smaller jars. Simple. To the jar I added 5ml of the fragrance oil (add more or less depending on personal taste) and a drop of orange food colouring.

gel 2

Then I measured out 16 fluid ounces, or around 480ml in new money (I think). I put half of this in a saucepan and brought it to steady simmer, the other half was left in the jug, and I soaked the gelatin leaves in it for around 5 minutes. If you’re using powder like all the American sites suggest, you can obviously skip the soaking stage.

gel 3

Lift out the gelatin leaves and squeeze the water out. Pour the rest of the water into the saucepan and when it is simmering, add the gelatin. Start stirring immediately so that it doesn’t burn.

gel 4

Once the gelatin is all dissolved, pour it into your container(s) of choice. That’s it! Nice and easy and the whole process is over really quickly! Be careful with the jar as it will be very hot for a while. Also, try not to do what I did with the first two, which was to shake them to see if they were set. It leaves rather unattractive splash marks up the sides of the jar. Just take my word that it will be set within 24. The kitchen smells delicious already 🙂

gel 5


5 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell of Success

  1. It’s getting warmer here…would the gelatine go “off”? Great idea but still not sure about that gelatine…it’s mostly protein and hooves and antlers so highly suceptable to “off”. Might have to raid my agar agar stash 😉

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