Sticky sticks for toddlers

sticks 3

Toddlers cost a fortune, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that! They outgrow toys in a matter of minutes, and I don’t know about you, but I rarely feel like I get value for money from them. We’re often disappointed by how limited they are, and then the toddler gets bored of them instantly. This is one of the many reason I buy her toys second hand, but I also like to try and make her toys if I can. Mostly it’s cuddly toys or play food, as my crafting skills are pretty limited, but I saw something on Pinterest (I know, I need to stop looking) that even I could manage.

All you need is a pack of lollipop sticks and some velcro dots. I got these both from Amazon as they are much cheaper than craft shops. You stick velcro dots to the ends of the lollipop sticks on both sides, making sure they line up right so they’ll stick, and then give them to your toddler. Easy peasy. It’s amazing watching them figure out how they stick together and developing their fine motor skills, and they get the satisfaction of making something themselves whilst discovering new things. It’s an activity that grows with them too, they can start with sticking them together, and then move on to making and identifying shapes, and then making letters. Fun and educational.  Not bad for something that you stuck together yourself!!

sticks 2 sticks1


13 thoughts on “Sticky sticks for toddlers

  1. That’s one HAPPY toddler :). My kids (now adults) used to get the most fun out of large cardboard boxes. I also used to make them “forts” out of blankets thrown over tables and “hammocks” made from the same long suffering blankets tied between furniture. Most toys are designed for profit rather than for your kids…lets be honest here ;). Brains are meant for stimulating and books, boxes, pets, dirt, plant material, ANYTHING wet or squeezy are de rigeur. Letting them help you cook might make you have a whole lot less hair when you finish than when you started out but it does add a certain “piquancy” to the meal (nose pickings anyone? 😉 ) and a whole lot to your childrens early education. You don’t need to be wealthy to have happy kids. You just need to think outside (or inside in my kids case 😉 ) of the box.

  2. That’s a genius idea, what I love most about it is that it takes up hardly any space when put away 🙂
    My kids also love boxes, I think that’s still their number one favourite toy and they always come back to it, there’s always something new they will think of using it for.

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