Handmade Button Tree Decoration

As a crafts person I inevitably have quite a large stash of buttons and notions. The problem is that you never want to use any of them because they are so pretty, and once you’ve used them they’re gone. I’ve been wanting to make a Christmas decoration with buttons for a few years, but I didn’t want to use all my pretty ones up on something that would only be seen for a few weeks a year.

When I was ‘looking’ *ahem* at some new wool and such the other day in a local shop I came across a lone polystyrene cone and had a wonderful idea. I purchased it with a few red bows and rushed home to try out my plan.

tree 1

I emptied out my button stash and got the toddler to help me sort out all the white and pearlescent ones. She really likes to help, so I couldn’t get a picture of the cone without her in, and I couldn’t get a picture of the buttons at all, but I’m sure you get the idea!

We spent a little while choosing buttons, and then I (because I’m apparently the responsible adult) used pearl head pins to pin them to the cone. For this reason, the buttons have to be ones with holes straight through, and not with little tabs at the back. I hope that makes sense. I shuffled them around until they fit nicely, and then I filled in the gaps with the red bows. For the top I used a star bead I had been saving from a bracelet that broke a couple of years ago. See, sometimes it pays to hoard things!

tree 3

I’m pretty with the outcome, a nice crafty Christmas decoration. And the best part is that after Christmas I can take all the pins back and put all the buttons back in the jar, and next year I get to make another one!



4 thoughts on “Handmade Button Tree Decoration

  1. Recycled buttons and each year different? GREAT idea ma’am! We, as penniless student hippy horticulturalists, have a great degree of love for all things conifer but we prefer ours to be live not chopped off at the base shedding needles as they croak so we make our own Christmas trees from driftwood etc. NO idea what we are doing this year as we have been up to our back gills in study (“CHEERS LAZY LAST MINUTE LECTURER!”…sigh…) but it all finishes in a tumbling heap next thursday and suddenly it will be “CHRISTMAS” before we have time to factor it into our poor addled cortexes. Your sterling little tree might be something that I can do with an old tin of buttons that I inherited that I gave away to a friend (who forgot to take them back in her suitcase) and that are living on a promise still…surely she won’t mind me pinching a few for a couple of weeks? She will never know… shhhh! 😉

  2. I did this last year with my 4 year old daughter and she loved it. I can see why you kept the star bead special-it’s very pretty.

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