Minted Marrow and Pea Soup Recipe


I don’t know about anyone else, but we still have a fair few marrows kicking around the place. By this stage I start to get pretty bored of them, so any recipe that uses an entire marrow is fine by me! I have a few go to recipes, but one of our favourites is this soup. It’s actually a puree that we gave the toddler when she was a baby, but it’s so delicious we just made loads and now it’s a firm favourite.

It really couldn’t be simpler. Take a medium sized marrow, peeled, de seeded and chopped. Chuck this in a large pan (I use a 5 litre stock pot for most of my soups) with three largish potatoes, peeled and chopped, and a couple of cups of peas. Cover it with chicken stock and cook for about 25 minutes, or until everything is tender. Blend this up until smooth, add a tin of mushy peas and some mint sauce for extra wallop and heat through. We had this today served with pitta breads that I found in the freezer filled with cheese spread. Yummy, healthy, and the toddler even had seconds!


2 thoughts on “Minted Marrow and Pea Soup Recipe

  1. If the toddler had seconds, that is high praise indeed! No marrows here at the moment but by the end of summer I will be up to my armpits in them. Cheers for the “future” recipe 🙂

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