Turning a flat circle into a Basket.

Yesterday I gave the instructions for how to crochet a flat circle. This pattern has a lot of uses, but I’m going to show you how to turn it into a basket. These are ideal for making up Christmas gifts. You can fill it with little bathroom treats, or include it in a bigger hamper, and they’re really easy to make.

WP_20131120_046 WP_20131120_047

Starting with the circle we made yesterday, you need to make one chain, and double crochet into the back of the loop. You can see in the picture above that this means to crochet through the back part of the little ‘V’ stitch, and as you go around this leaves a little ridge across the front of the work. This is effectively turning a corner, so the work will now go up, and the circle becomes the base. DC in all stitches and slip stitch to close. 36 stitches.

WP_20131120_050 WP_20131120_054

Do this two more times, so you have made three rounds of double crochet. This makes the side of the basket.

WP_20131120_055 WP_20131120_056

On the next row you need to double crochet 11 stitches, chain 8, miss 6 stitches, dc 12, chain 8, miss 6 and dc 1. The above pictures show the chain 8, miss 6, and then continuing to dc. This creates the handles of the basket.

WP_20131120_058 WP_20131120_059 WP_20131120_061

On the next row, you will dc in all the stitches, but when you get to the handle you need to make 10 dc into the handles, reinforcing them and neatening up the work. The instructions for this row reads, 11dc, 10dc into chain, 12dc 10 dc into chain, 1dc, slip stitch to close round.

WP_20131120_064 WP_20131120_066

Now you need to weave all the ends in. You can starch the baskets or use fabric stiffener if you wish, but I think they look nicer without. You can change the size of the basket, by changing the size of the base circle, and how many rows you make for the sides. All you have to do know is decide who you’re going to give them to, or whether you keep them yourself!


3 thoughts on “Turning a flat circle into a Basket.

  1. I might use a big ball of jute that I have in my bottom drawer to make one of these…scratchy but stiff (never thought I would think that combination was “good” in ANY context! 😉 )

      • I have a big crochet hook (no idea where I got it from but I “have it” so that’s what is important 😉 ) and a big ball of jute that I was going to use for macramé but that got stashed in the bottom draw and I reckon it would make a really interesting basket. It’s dark brown and the hairy texture would make a nice fuzzy feeling basket methinks. Now I just have to think of a way to stop Earl from eating it…

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