The Great Washday Disaster

I came in from shopping the other day, flustered and very tired. I went into the kitchen to put away the shopping and discovered I hadn’t put the washing machine on as I had previously thought. I hurridly turned it on, and continued with my day. A few hours later I went to unload the washing, and found, to my horror, that everything was covered in blue/purple stains. I suspected the toddler had shoved a biro in the washing machine, and I was trying to control my blood pressure when I pulled out a purple scarf. The very, hand dyed, never been washed scarf I had been wearing when I came home from the shops! Now I had ruined a whole load of WHITE washing!

WP_20131125_003 WP_20131125_002

Some of it was beyond repair, and some of it wasn’t TOO bad. I was devastated to find the lovely cardigan the toddler had been bought for her birthday was ruined. Another casualty was one of the husband’s shirts, I later found out, his only good white one. Now, I’m not one for throwing things away, and I figured that if the clothes were dyed that easily, chances are I could dye them again. I had a root around under the sink and found a box of dyes my mum had picked up or 10p when Wilkinson’s was selling them off. Now, you have to be careful when dyeing clothes, as colour principles apply (yellow dyed blue will go green), but I figured I couldn’t go wrong with purple, well, burlesque red, but don’t tell him that!


Following the instructions carefully (which means getting dye all over my hand and the floor) I loaded the washing machine and waited with baited breath. After a few hours the results were in, and they turned out really well. His shirt is a nice shade of purple, and the toddler’s cardigan is a lovely festive burgundy. I also chucked in a few 1970s white cotton crochet waistcoats and they turned out a treat too! Success all round! Which is lucky, because chances are I’ll do it again fairly soon!


8 thoughts on “The Great Washday Disaster

  1. Isn’t it annoying when that happens? Great that you turned a disaster into a success! Anyway, wearing a red shirt sets your husband apart from the white shirt wearing sheep!! Lovely shade of burgundy on the cardigan too!

  2. I hope your husband likes his new coloured shirt. They do look lovely and seasonal. Just think if you spill mulled wine on them, no one will notice;-)

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