#craftblogclub Secret Santa

Hello all! Had a little bit of a Christmas blog break, but it is now time to pull my head out of the box of assorted chocolates and start blogging again!

On a Tuesday evening between 7 and 8.30, I usually join a discussion with a group of lovely people known as the #craftblogclub. Challenges are set and we discuss ways to make our blogs more interesting,  new crafts to try, DIY tutorials and such. Even though we don’t really have a ‘craft blog’ as such, I do mention my crafting from time to time! The latest challenge was to make a handmade Secret Santa gift for another member, chosen by the lovely lady Emma of Life is Peachy.


What do you make for someone you don’t know? This plagued most of us for a while, but I finally decided to bite the bullet and make the same thing I was making for my family for Christmas. So, Hayley Usher of the blog Showered with Love received a felt fox brooch, a scented heart hanger, a crochet bow brooch and a crocheted rose book mark. Hopefully she was pleased with it! 🙂


I received something all together different. My secret Santa was from the fabulous Gift Frippery, and I received this beautiful hand printed wrapping paper. As it is, I had already wrapped my Christmas presents, which is a good thing, as I don’t think I dare use it. Maybe for a really special gift!


Christmas centrepieces

Our dining table was looking a little sad. Everything else was decorated, but I had nothing for it. I’ve been toying with the idea of attaching together some doilies and pot holder I had crocheted to make a centrepiece. As this was arranged on the table, I decided to make think about a decoration to go with it. Continue reading

Simple scented hangers

We have built in wardrobes, and mine happens to be on an outside wall, so it can get a little damp in there. This often means that it starts to get a little fusty. Not an ideal place to store clothes. Continue reading

Toddler decorations

Our toddler loves crafting. Ask her what her favourite thing is, and she will almost always say painting or sticking. Sometimes it will be chocolate. Last year we made some decorations which were just really glitter and glue, so this year I decided to push her a little bit and help her make some awesome decorations.

WP_20131127_003 WP_20131127_005 WP_20131127_002

We started by painting and glittering some bird shapes I had drawn. Cue a lot of painting and pictures of snow!

When they were dry she stuck some feathers on for the tails. As a little warning, as if it wasn’t obvious, a toddler with pva glue and feathers is going to make one hell of a mess!


I bought a cheap polystyrene wreath and together we wrapped it in fluffy yarn. Then she stuck the birds on the wreath. I have to say, she did a pretty good job with very little help from me.


Her Nanna and Granddad asked for a decoration for the top of their tree, so I knocked up a little craft kit for her to make a toilet roll Santa. I cut out the shapes in felt and card, gave her the bits and the glue, and let her get on with it. Not bad eh?

Jobs for December on the Allotment

The cold, dark nights are ace for a glass or two of something warming and a few seed catalogues, but surely we need a little more excitement than that, don’t we?

So, what can we actually do on the plot in this weather?  When it’s not waterlogged, here’s what I’m working through.

Continue reading

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag

We have a river at the bottom of our garden, and a huge birch tree, as well a lots of low lying shrubbery, but despite this, we don’t see many birds. We have lots of huge wood pigeons, 5 jackdaws that are regulars, and a mating pair of collared doves. That’s pretty much it, except for the family of blue tits that use the bird box every year to raise their young. Continue reading

Seek and ye shall find

I’ve spent a lot of time and effort working my way through my stash and trying to finish up projects in an attempt to save money and stop buying craft supplies. I have done everything I can to use up oddments making Christmas presents and accessories. I cast on my very last new ball of wool on Sunday, and I was busy thinking really hard about how to use all the other half bits and bobs. Continue reading

A lovely Weekend Workshop

A little while ago I did a craft fair and also taught a crochet workshop at a local church where we go to Toddler Time. I had a lovely time, and some of the women genuinely picked it up and did a great job, but it was very stressful trying to teach quite a few people at different times and all with different skills.

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Paper pots, toilet rolls and parsnip germination

To start with, I used 3″ round plastic pots.

That’s what you do when you get an allotment or start gardening, isn’t it? After all, you can buy them in B&Q, Poundland, Homebase — anywhere!

Well, I’ve been trying out a better way… Continue reading

The Metaphor Cardigan is FINISHED!!!


It may have taken me a little while longer than I thought, but I have finally finished my multi-coloured cardigan!  Continue reading