Free download: ‘Budget planner’ spreadsheet

We’ve been getting our finances in order recently – closing old, unused accounts, paying the overdraft (a hangover from the wedding) and cancelling unused or unwanted standing orders and direct debits and trying to set some aside each month for rainy days.  It’s thrilling (and terrifying) stuff, I can tell you!

As part of this I wanted a decent spreadsheet to get some sort of idea of all of our regular income and expenses and show “running totals” of the balance of our current and savings accounts.

Sadly there were very few to download for free that were actually any use for what I wanted, so I made my own, and thought I’d offer a blank version for other people as well in the ‘Google Template’ archive.

It’s very simple – enter your starting balance (as at December 2013 – but you can change the dates to be monthly, weekly, even daily or yearly) in the top-left boxes, then plot your expected ins and outs, including any regular amounts to savings, and the right hand columns will show you the expected final balance for your accounts.

There isn’t much more to say other than that – but if you have any ideas to improve it or find any errors in it, I would love to hear any comments (this was my first proper attempt at making a spreadsheet for something, so there may be ways to improve things).

Click here to download the template, or to load it into Google Docs, which will allow you to edit and use it immediately in your web browser.


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