The little jumper that could

Recently I made my daughter a jumper. Now, I would absolutely LOVE to knit her things in dreamy woodland shades, mustard yellow and dark reds. However, these colours cost a fortune, and the only colour I had enough of to make the jumper was fairly bright pink. To keep it from being too ‘in your face’ I knitted the rib sections in cream. When I was knitting the sleeves I realised they came up a bit short, so I made them a bit longer. I should have realised then that there was a problem with the pattern, as when I tried it on her, the trunk of the jumper was a few inches too short.


I’m fairly lazy when it comes to finishing a project, so the jumper ended up at the bottom of a pile for a while, but in the spirit of finishing things and using what I have, I got it out to see what could be done. The husband suggested I just knit some more on the bottom. “Don’t be silly” I said, but, much like the cardigan incident, he was right, so I picked up the stitches along the bottom as evenly as I could and knitted another section of rib in pink. I then added a crocheted snowflake motif to the centre.

WP_20131121_013 WP_20131121_014

The overall effect is Aspen circa 1985, but she looks pretty cute and it keeps her nice and warm!


4 thoughts on “The little jumper that could

  1. Controlled wire wool like my daughter’s was. I used conditioner to make it easier to brush ;). LOVE your daughter, she is gorgeous and that jumper is the bomb. I reckon you are starting to light a knitting fire in a part of me that I have repressed for a long time…I think I might just have to start a “project”. If I start it now (the beginning of our summer) that gives me almost 6 months to get it finished ready to wear in winter…NO idea what I want to knit, just know I “do”.

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