A lovely Weekend Workshop

A little while ago I did a craft fair and also taught a crochet workshop at a local church where we go to Toddler Time. I had a lovely time, and some of the women genuinely picked it up and did a great job, but it was very stressful trying to teach quite a few people at different times and all with different skills.

There was another event planned but I couldn’t make it as it was only a week after our wedding. Another one was planned recently, but this one was cancelled. I was pretty disappointed. As well as it being a place where I could show my work and perhaps sell some things, I really enjoyed the atmosphere. There’s is something lovely about like minded individuals getting together to create something.

The lovely lady who runs the event contacted me to say she wanted to have it anyway, but at her own home, and would I be able to do a craft workshop? I jumped at the chance, and I’m really glad I did. A dozen or so ladies got together over mulled wine and delicious nibbles, and chatted and laughed whilst creating beautiful Christmas decorations. I chose a much simpler craft this time, a hand sewn scented heart decoration. It meant that everyone finished, and some even made two or even three decorations. We had such a wonderful time that I have agreed to another soon, and we may even try a knit and natter group. I can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “A lovely Weekend Workshop

  1. What a gorgeous way to create community and meet up with the like minded people in your local area. I often think I should try to see if I can hire out the local hall (that gets used about 3 times a year) from our local council and put up some fliers to see if there might be interest in starting some sort of community group that could get together to learn about gardening, cooking, crafting etc. I think it brings community together over shared interests and forges some amazing friendships…a lovely idea and kudos to you all for going ahead with it 🙂

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