Feed the birds, tuppence a bag

We have a river at the bottom of our garden, and a huge birch tree, as well a lots of low lying shrubbery, but despite this, we don’t see many birds. We have lots of huge wood pigeons, 5 jackdaws that are regulars, and a mating pair of collared doves. That’s pretty much it, except for the family of blue tits that use the bird box every year to raise their young.

I would love to have more birds in the garden for Amelia to watch, but the bird seed and fat balls we leave out just don’t seem to be cutting it, so I have decided to start making home made bird treats. Hopefully these will draw more birds to the garden, and will also be a bit cheaper than shop bought bird food.

I got the idea from last nights Super Scrimpers programme on Channel 4. On that a man filled a pine cone with a mixture of lard and oats, and then covered it in bird seed. I didn’t have a pine cone, so I compromised.

WP_20131212_001 WP_20131212_003 WP_20131212_004

I took 4 shells from the garden and cleaned them up. I then took some lard and mixed this with some (uncooked) porridge oats I found at the back of the cupboard, and filled each shell with this.


I took the filled shells to the bird table and covered them in bird seed. I covered the other layer of the bird table with cooked rice from the fridge. Now we just have to sit back and wait and see if they like their nutritious treat!!


4 thoughts on “Feed the birds, tuppence a bag

  1. We made some fat balls from lard and birdseed a few years ago but we ended up with crows and cats eating them so we haven’t bothered since, besides, the birds get plenty of food here in our winters as it doesn’t snow and there are always some form of insectivorous life trundling around for them to feast on.

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