Toddler decorations

Our toddler loves crafting. Ask her what her favourite thing is, and she will almost always say painting or sticking. Sometimes it will be chocolate. Last year we made some decorations which were just really glitter and glue, so this year I decided to push her a little bit and help her make some awesome decorations.

WP_20131127_003 WP_20131127_005 WP_20131127_002

We started by painting and glittering some bird shapes I had drawn. Cue a lot of painting and pictures of snow!

When they were dry she stuck some feathers on for the tails. As a little warning, as if it wasn’t obvious, a toddler with pva glue and feathers is going to make one hell of a mess!


I bought a cheap polystyrene wreath and together we wrapped it in fluffy yarn. Then she stuck the birds on the wreath. I have to say, she did a pretty good job with very little help from me.


Her Nanna and Granddad asked for a decoration for the top of their tree, so I knocked up a little craft kit for her to make a toilet roll Santa. I cut out the shapes in felt and card, gave her the bits and the glue, and let her get on with it. Not bad eh?


6 thoughts on “Toddler decorations

  1. How lovely. I remember doing these sorts of things with my kids when they were younger. They still like to get the paints out sometimes, but not that often now. Still, they’re in the cupboard when they want them.

  2. The best thing that my kids did was to pull the tinsel off the bottom of the tree, eat the Christmas biscuits slowly over a period of a week that I had hung on the tree and nibble mouselike holes in the gingerbread house that almost caused me to have a nervous breakdown in the making…maybe if I had involved them IN the processes they might have had a bit more understanding of why mum had turned purple and seen God? 😉

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