Christmas centrepieces

Our dining table was looking a little sad. Everything else was decorated, but I had nothing for it. I’ve been toying with the idea of attaching together some doilies and pot holder I had crocheted to make a centrepiece. As this was arranged on the table, I decided to make think about a decoration to go with it.


My poor button tree from a previous post had been robbed of all it’s buttons and ribbons to make the decorations at the workshop I ran the following week. I took the fluffy yarn left over from Amelia’s wreath and used pearl headed beads to pin it to the cone. I put this on a cake stand with some pretty bird decorations that didn’t have another home. It’s a prototype, but I like it.


But now the coffee table was looking sad. I decided that a gingerbread house was just the thing, so Amelia and I set about making one. I’m afraid I’m not great at biscuits, so I bought a basic kit, and used some of our own cake decorating supplies to finish it off. What do you think to our first attempt? Amelia put all the sweets on by herself! (There’s that tree again!)


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