Teeny tiny knitting

Just a quick one! I got free bamboo knitting pins with my copy of Simply Knitting. These are supposed to be pins that hold the knitting together as you sew it. Being someone who always likes to give things a new lease of life, I turned them into this

Be5fY7iIYAAtTmu (1)

A teeny tiny knitting brooch. All I did was case on twenty stitches with a little bit of wool, and garter stitched. I glued the stitches on the back to keep them on the pins, glued the pins together to secure them, and then attached a brooch back. Used up some yarn AND made myself a bit of knitting jewellery. I’m pretty pleased with that! Got a necklace I’m working on too…


Easy I-cord Necklace DIY

I am still looking for ways to use up my yarn, and I recently made this necklace from a pattern in Molly Makes


It was a little tight for me, so I think I went a little bit wrong somewhere, but I liked the effect of using knitted i-cords. I decided to make my own pattern up. Continue reading

Easy, thrifty sandwich filling

Just before Christmas, my parents brought us a mass of reduced food. They have a habit of doing this, and we’re usually inundated with things we struggle to use up. In this assortment was some sandwich fillings. Now, I’m not usually one for these shop bought fillings, but I have to say they were absolutely delicious! However, I wouldn’t dream of paying full price for them! I have been experimenting ever since, and this is what I’ve come up with (not rocket science I admit): Continue reading

Beautiful sewing goodies

I just had to share these pretties with you. My parents came today, and my mother said she had picked up some bits I might want, but as they didn’t cost much I could throw them away if I didn’t want them! Not likely! One person’s rubbish is a vintage lovers dream!

WP_20140121_004 Continue reading

Somebody up there REALLY likes me!

So, I may have mentioned my intention to stop buying wool until I have used up my stash. You also may remember that immediately after saying this I was given a bin bag full of wool – see here. Well, once again I stated that I wouldn’t buy any more wool until I had used up some of my stash. Continue reading

Garden exploration

It’s been drizzly and cold and windy for weeks, so when the sun started shining yesterday, the toddler and I seized the opportunity to run out into the garden and have a look around. Continue reading

Brussel Sprout Surprise

It is SO much tastier than it sounds! Honest! I had a look in the fridge for something the toddler could have for lunch, and this was all I could find.


Continue reading

Sit and think corner with a pompom rug

One of my resolutions ‘things to do in the new year’ was to use up my large stash of yarn. Rather than just making the same things over and over (who needs 10 hats?) I decided to try and make as many interesting and useful things as I could. Continue reading

More Skill Swapping Adventures

Well, almost! This week I managed to finish the last of Jamie’s Christmas presents (which I didn’t start til the 23rd!) and feeling very pleased with it, I posted it on Facebook for all to see. Continue reading

Toddler (and adult) friendly vegetable curry


I try my very best to offer my family a healthy and varied diet. Plenty of vegetables, thanks to the allotment, and plenty of new and interesting flavours. I pride myself on the fact that the toddler loves vegetables, but does not like pizza or fish fingers. It’s been tough making most of her meals from scratch, but it has been rewarding. Continue reading