Trying to make a feature wall

It is very frustrating to live in a house you cannot decorate when you have so many ideas on the subject. As it is, we rent the property we live in, and we are required to keep it looking the same way it did as we moved in. To try and get round this, I keep trying to create ‘feature’ walls in each room to break up the bland magnolia décor.


I had taken some plates down from a shelf where I had been displaying them in order to clear some clutter. Having no where to put them, I decided to use them in a slightly eclectic feature wall in the dining room. Our dining room is a little neglected. The front door is in the dining room, so it’s the first room you walk into. This means it’s also where we keep the shoes, as well as Amelia’s toy box and my sewing machine and craft things, including boxes of fabrics. The area was feeling cluttered, but the walls looked bare, so I took the plates and a couple of cross stitches and an embroidery that I couldn’t find a place for. To add to this, I took two embroidery hoops and mounted some nice fabric I had been holding on to. I’m pretty pleased with the result, and the new feature didn’t cost me a penny!



7 thoughts on “Trying to make a feature wall

  1. Our first place was a rented property, but it was private renting, so our land lady was quite happy for us to decorate it as we wanted to. We didn’t do anything vulgar, or knocked down any walls or anything. Now we’re in our own place, and are free to do what we want when we want. Hope you can find some interesting things to do and obey their strict rules.

  2. What a great idea! We rented for years and I know the frustration of “must be kept as it was when you moved in”…sigh…it wouldn’t be so bad but many times we could have improved the property and added value as the “gardens” were terrible! Oh well, the owners loss methinks! 😉

    • Our landlords are pretty good. It was in a real state when we moved in four years ago. We were told the garden was going to be landscaped before we moved in, but we spent a weekend ripping out bushes and such. They done of improvements though, especially since we had Amelia. It would be a lot nicer if they let me loose with paint and wallpaper though 🙂

      • Have you approached them about getting together and maybe discussing it? I am sure that they would be amicable if they were able to have a say in what the paper and paint was going to be? Our last landlords (before we inherited Serendipity Farm) could have cared less what we did. The house we lived in was a huge old place in the centre of the city. Dirt cheap rental and the house was somewhat ramshackle and if something stopped working you could almost hear them sigh from their country home ;).

      • I think they would be reasonable, but it’s in the contract to be returned to the original state. And of course, we’d be spending money updating someone else’s property and we don’t know how long we’ll live here. I do think our landlords are pretty sick of putting things right 🙂

      • I agree, its because tenants generally could care less and don’t treat rentals with respect that we have problems in the first place which makes it hard for good tenants (like yourself) to develop any sort of homely atmosphere without a lot of hassle.

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