Sit and think corner with a pompom rug

One of my resolutions ‘things to do in the new year’ was to use up my large stash of yarn. Rather than just making the same things over and over (who needs 10 hats?) I decided to try and make as many interesting and useful things as I could.

WP_20140111_002 WP_20140104_001

One of my Christmas presents was a set of pompom makers from my mum. Well she said she couldn’t think of what to get me so she gave me some money to go and look at Ebay. Anyway, I eventually ended up with a set of pompom makers. I had seen a few pompom rugs on Pinterest and the like and decided this would be a great way to use up some of my stash. Using the second biggest pompom maker, I made some pompoms. I say some as I lost count, but it’s quite a lot. A shopping bag full at least!


Once I thought I had enough, I started to sew them all together. I was trying to work in a circle from the centre out, but it ended up as a kind of lop sided oval shape. Regardless, I’m really pleased with it, and it is soooooo soft and squidgy. Now whenever I get a lot of oddments, I can just add to it.


Towards the end of last year I used some of my fabric stash up to make the toddler a bean bag, as we’re short on seating in our house, and I thought a special seat would help her to sit still. It hasn’t quite worked out that way, but now she has a lovely sit and think corner, where she can look at a book or watch the birds out of the window. I’m a little bit jealous!



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