Somebody up there REALLY likes me!

So, I may have mentioned my intention to stop buying wool until I have used up my stash. You also may remember that immediately after saying this I was given a bin bag full of wool – see here. Well, once again I stated that I wouldn’t buy any more wool until I had used up some of my stash.

So, I dutifully started working through some of it, using up no end on Christmas presents, a hat and scarf for the toddler and the pompom rug. However, it would appear that the size of my stash is completely out of my hands. There seems to be some divine intervention that prevents my stash from getting too low.

Not moments after I started sewing up the pompom rug, a lovely lady, @paperbeagleuk, posted on twitter that she had some free wool, and if no one wanted it it would end up in the bin. I couldn’t type fast enough, and it seems the post caused quite a stir. Loads of people wanted to save the wool, but I was the first. YAY!!! Not only was it free, but she even offered to post it for free! I can’t thank her enough for her generosity, so visit her site and show her some love she sells paper products and seed paper and gifts for the home and for weddings. She makes pretty things that help save the bees. Go on, have a ganders!

On Wednesday night I finally finished a large lace project that I have been working on for years. This means that for over 12 hours I had no project on the needles or hook for the first time since I started knitting. As I was blocking the snood on Thursday morning, there was a knock on the door and I was handed this most beautiful package.


It must be a sign. Not only is there three HUGE skeins of hand spun, hand dyed lace weight yarn, there is also 400g of double knitting yarn!

WP_20140116_005 WP_20140116_007

Can you believe the generosity of this lovely lady? She sent these to me for absolutely nothing, and I can only begin to think of the value. For this amount of commercial lace weight yarn I’d probably pay upwards of £60! I certainly couldn’t afford to buy it. Her kindness to me has been priceless!


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