Toddler science – fizzy colours

I am ever searching for things to keep the toddler occupied that means our house will more or less stay intact. This search led me to Pinterest, which has a wealth of toddler activities and exciting experiments.

She’s not great at staying still for very long, or concentrating on one thing at a time, so this is something I’m definitely hoping to improve through these experiments. One known as fizzy colours caught my eye as something that might capture her attention. You take a tray or bowl of baking soda, use food colour to dye white vinegar different colours, and then drip it on to the baking soda, causing a reaction. The best part of this is that we had everything in the cupboards so we could get started straight away and it wouldn’t cost any money.

I set up the tray and cups of vinegar, gave her a medicine syringe and let her get on with it. Well, within reason!

WP_20140125_001 WP_20140125_002 WP_20140125_003 WP_20140125_004 WP_20140125_005

She had an absolute whale of a time spraying the vinegar in and watching it fizz and make different colours and patterns. It was very good fun and kept her entertained for ages. She even wanted to do it again straight away! This is a must do activity if you have little ones, and it even cleans the drains when you’re done!


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