More adventures in using up yarn

I’m still trying my very best to use up all my yarn, and I still haven’t bought any, however much I have wanted to. To continue this effort, I have been slaving away on this crochet granny blanket made of all the brightly coloured balls of yarn that I would never have used for anything else. I wouldn’t usually use yarn this bright for anything, but the more of this blanket I make, the more I love it! It’s fun to make up my own pattern too, and I think it has complimented the colours well, even if it doesn’t match anything else in the house!


I’ve also started some socks. I promised myself I’d try and push myself this year, so I’ve cast on some lacey socks in  quite a masculine colour way, and I already like them. Let jsut hope they don’t take as long as the last pair (2 years!)



8 thoughts on “More adventures in using up yarn

  1. So nice! I have the same goal. Funnily enough, I find it easy to not buy any more yarn, but goodness I have been given a lot over time. It just eats up space!
    I just finished a blanket last week, and that took up a lot of it. Mine wasnt so much the bright colours, but the masculine colours in small amounts.

      • Its amazing how much yarn people give you sometimes isnt it? Mine is usually the hand-me-downs from older relatives.
        Thankyou, I wasnt sure if it would turn out alright, there was some weird yarn in it! My daughter loves it so much despite the fact it has no girly colours in it 🙂

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