Messy Time – SNOW!

We’ve not had much in the way of snow so far this winter, which is slightly worrying considering it’s almost March. We definitely had a couple of hours a week or so ago, but that’s been about it. The toddler has been quite disappointed as she really wanted to play in the snow and build snowmen and the like, so we decided to create a bit of magic and bring the snow to her.

After searching Pinterest for ways to cheaply entertain toddlers who are bored out of their mind, I came across this recipe for sensory play ‘snow’ here

  • 2 gelatine sachets
  • 2 pints warm water
  • Squirt of white poster paint or powder paint
  • Glitter
  1. Simply sprinkle the gelatine  into the warm water and stir until dissolved.
  2. Add the paint and stir until evenly mixed.
  3. Refrigerate until set and add the glitter.

I had all the ingredients in the cupboard so set about making this ready for the lull after lunch where she gets most bored, and then produced the ‘magic snow’ from the fridge.

WP_20140126_010WP_20140126_009WP_20140126_013WP_20140126_012 WP_20140126_014WP_20140126_011 

She (by that I mean everyone) had great fun squidging the snow around and letting her farm animals play about in it. It was great for sensory play, it was very cold and wobbly, with just the right amount of squidge. It took a while to break down into slop, so we got quite a bit of play out of it, which gave us time to talk about what snow is and how it is made. Inevitably, she ended up with her feet in it, and then absolutely covered in it, but it lasted much longer than I thought. It was a brilliant, and incredibly messy way to spend an afternoon.


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