Toddler Science – Fun with milk painting

This has to be one of the simplest ‘experiments’ that we have tried so far. I’d seen it doing the rounds on Pinterest and I really wanted to give it a go! All it takes is a pint of milk in a shallow dish, food colouring, cotton buds and washing up liquid. Very simple but incredibly effective!

You pour the pint of milk into a shallow container, a Pyrex dish or similar would be perfect. Then you drip the food colouring into the milk using a pipette or medicinal syringe, trying to keep the colours separate. Once you added the colours, dip the cotton ear bud into washing up liquid and move the colours about with it. The colour will ‘pop’ and expand, and the washing liquid keeps them separate for quite some time, so you can create lovely intricate patterns on the milk. Of course, if your child is a little more patient than mine, this will last a longer before you get a sludgy brown mess! Brilliant for motor skills and concentration, as well as awareness of colour combinations. It was really good fun, even if the OCD part of me nearly cried when she tried to mix it all together immediately! However, it did keep her occupied for half an hour or so, which is quite an achievement!




4 thoughts on “Toddler Science – Fun with milk painting

  1. Little plastic pots with different coloured water (done with food colouring) also seemed to keep my two happy for ages as toddlers – they loved learning how to mix up all the various colours to make new ones. Tho as you say, it was never long before everything ended up brown! I haven’t tried with milk, we’ll give this a go – they’re still young enough to enjoy this!

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