Bento Roundup

I have definitely been stepping up my Bento game recently. It has been a huge success for the toddler, it has been the best method to get her to eat her dinner hands down! She has become familiar with the concept, so she gets excited about what it might look like today, and for now I can still surprise her with the theme. Also, from my point of view I can make the food quite varied and healthy, and also give her a consistent portion size, so she isn’t overwhelmed by it. Not only that, but the food just looks so much more interesting!


They started pretty basic, some salad, quiche, Japanese potato salad. Nice, but not very exciting looking.


This was my first attempt at a scene, without any molds or cutters, she really enjoyed it and thought it was hilarious!


Then I got my hands on some egg and rice molds, picks, grass and cutters. Makes for a much nicer scene, she loved this one.


Today’s was a little simpler with sandwiches and savoury biscuits, but still really nice to look at and really enjoyed it.

It’s amazing how well this has worked, and I’m glad I’ve given it a go. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, just using a cutter for sandwiches and little cases for extras makes it exciting to look at, and improves the look of the whole meal.  They’re not overly expensive, and I can completely control what goes in them, in all a great success!


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