Using every scrap

I finally finished the big fluorescent granny square blanket I showed you a while back. I kept thinking it was done, and then I added another row, and another, and finally here it is!


Just the right size to stretch across the settee so that all three of us can snuggle underneath!

Thing is, this blanket was a stash busting exercise, using up the odd balls of yarn I wouldn’t use otherwise, but there was still some yarn left! Not a massive amount, but enough for me to feel guilty for throwing it away! As my mission was to use it up, I decided to do just that. I split each colour I had left into two, and then wound two identical magic balls using the scraps. With these magic balls I made these


A pair of fluorescent rainbow mittens! I didn’t use a pattern. They’re just made up of alternate rows of double crochet and trebles to make a textured fabric, with a ribbed section at the bottom using back post and front post stitches. They are worked in rounds, and then back in forth in rows on the thumb section, then joined back into rounds for the end. If you would like the pattern, I’m sure I can put on together 🙂

So I have now officially used up another 15 balls of wool! Hurrah!


6 thoughts on “Using every scrap

  1. I am sure I speak for all of your dear constant readers when I say that I am intregued by your mitts and can we please have a pattern :). NO idea how you rib in crochet or crochet in the round! 🙂

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