Stopping to smell the flowers

The weather has been picking up, which means we’ve been getting out in the garden. I haven’t done as much this year as I have in past years, but that’s OK. I’ve put an awful lot of  blood sweat and tears into our garden. We only rent the house, but I’ve always known how I wanted the garden to look, and this year it’s just about there. I have barely done anything, but I’m really pleased with it.








Of course, in a couple of months this will all be gone and I’ll have to put some work in, but I can enjoy it whilst I can. There is one new edition on the patio. I planted into one of the apple crates that we had at our wedding and some of the veg boxes that my brother in law made for us. I think it makes a really nice feature and it looks quite unusual.


There’s nothing like a little sunshine and a lovely garden to lift the spirits is there?!


6 thoughts on “Stopping to smell the flowers

  1. I think your garden looks lovely. My grass needs another mow, but the rain is stopping me doing that at the moment. this weekend is going to be dry, so I can get it done then, along with loads of other jobs in the garden and greenhouse. then it’s just titivating throughout the summer. Little and often is the key.

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